Dario Mader

While the art form of bonsai is of Chinese and Japanese origin, it is now firmly established in the West and is rapidly drawing growing numbers of enthusiasts across the globe. Trees of very high quality are now commonly seen in exhibitions outside of Japan. However, the quality of the pots in which these trees are displayed has not kept pace with the quality of the trees themselves. In bonsai, the tree and its container must harmonize optimally.
I am Dario Mader. I developed this website to offer bonsai enthusiasts the opportunity to view and purchase bonsai ceramics of the highest quality. Here you will find rare pots produced in Japan and in China, ranging from antiques to works of contemporary masters, in a wide range of prices.
The pots you will see here are not mass-produced. Each is hand-selected by me.
Please browse through my selection. Should you have any questions about a pot you see, please send me an e-mail to info@bonsai.jp.

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